Post-Operative Recovery

This starts the minute we finish your operation. Depending on the type of surgery you had the recovery could be short or could go on for several weeks.

This does not mean that you have to stay home or in bed for all that time. Even with large surgeries such as mommy makeovers, or body lifts, I want you to be up and walking every two hours. You are able to take deeper breaths and prevent blood clots. With better oxygenation and circulation you heal faster. If you have drains, these are removed in the office a few days after your surgery. You may shower one to two days after your surgery. We will see you in the office frequently during your initial recovery and at less frequent intervals the further you are from surgery. Dr. Marosan likes to follow his patients' recovery up to six months or occasionally even longer. Remember, you are only a phone call away from us. We are here to guide you and make your recovery smooth and uneventful.

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