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Plastic Surgery in Seattle & Bellevue

Dr. George Marosan, board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, provides unparalleled surgical care using the latest technology, giving undivided attention to the individualized needs of his patients.

Dr. Marosan was a frequent guest on television's KOMO4 's Northwest Afternoon show and is a regular guest on King5's New Day Northwest's Wellness Wednesday discussing current cosmetic plastic surgery issues with Margaret Larson. His passion is to  educate the viewers in the benefits of cosmetic surgery, including heightened self esteem and confidence and provide information how this can be achieved in a safe and personally rewarding manner. He is honored that his expertise is sought out by patients not only in the Northwest, but also internationally.

Dr. Marosan's expertise in cosmetic surgery  has been recognized by the Consummer Research Council of America as America's Top Plastic Surgeons, is a Life Member of Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide recognizing his leadership and achievement in his field. Bellevue Plastic Surgeons was included in the Best of Bellevue and he received a certificate of appreciation for being a Most Compassionate Doctor from Patients' Choice Consummer Research.

Body Contouring Surgeon, Dr. George Marosan's practice is based in the Seattle - Bellevue metropolitan area, in Washington State. Dr. Marosan is an expert in Hi -Definition VASER liposuction and tummy tuck 4D Sculpt. He is the first one in the Pacific Northwest who is trained in this highly advanced body sculpting techniques. Dr. George Marosan’s artistic sense and technical ability as a surgeon, can give you the chiseled body that you dream of. These procedures are done by a select few surgeons in the country, who took body contouring to the highest and most advanced level to date. Dr. Marosan often incorporates breast augmentation, reduction or lift with the Hi-Def lipo and tummy tuck 4D sculpt. Learn about your options during our thorough consultation and evaluation. Dr. Marosan incorporated the Touch MD consultation software as a teaching tool during your consultation. This allows you to log into Touch MD from the privacy of your home and review your photos and consultation experience. Contact us at Bellevue Plastic Surgeons to find out how Dr. Marosan can help you!

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